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DU's top academic body has adopted a four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP) which is going to be implemented from July 2013. There is a wider range in terms of the DC1 syllabus now. Structure The semester system will not be affected due to FYUP. The Delhi University (DU) is considering the introduction of four-year undergraduate courses as part of the implementation of the new National Education Policy (NEP), a … DU releases syllabus for final year for former FYUP batch. In English, syllabus has been shuffled, new topics added and existing syllabus has been clubbed together. In contrast, Delhi University’s rush to introduce FYUP at the behest of the Congress-led UPA government was completed in three months, including “forced” structuring of syllabus … Two semesters annually, much like the three-year system, with the addition of another year and two more semesters. Bihar 2020 Opinion . The Academic Council, at a marathon meeting held sometime back, debated the proposal by a task force that was eventually passed with 80 … (BCCL) Read More Read Less Delhi University, FYUP Controversy and what it all means The problem is not so much the structure of the course but the structure of its syllabus. The University of Delhi is considering to resume four-year undergraduate programmes once again in accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) enactment strategy. Delhi University’s Central Institute of Education (CIE (Source: Express photo by Oinam Anand) After days of uncertainty and protests, Delhi University has scrapped the FYUP. Followed by the release of modified syllabus for the FYUP batch of last year’s Delhi University batch, the officials have also released the new structure for Semester 5 and 6 for them. By Arushi Srivastava July 26, 2014. MA Syllabus (2011-12) MA Syllabus (2009) Syllabi for Undergraduate Courses: BA (Hons.) Share. Political Science CBCS LOCF [SEMESTER - III] Approved by the Oversight Committee Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Email. 3 departments forced to accept FYUP syllabus. Cartoon Voices Sunday, June 22, 2014 - 05:30 MA CBCS Syllabus (2019-20 onwards) MA Syllabus with list of 57 optionals: 2011-12 to 2018-19 . DU had received another letter from UGC at 11.45pm on Thursday stating that it has to comply with the order as per the earlier letters dated June 20, 21 and 23. Shikha Sharma, Aditi Vatsa & Apurva find out how and why the university rolled back its most ambitious reform so far NEP: Four-Year UG Courses May Return to Delhi University in 2021 Towards a Liberal Framework Introducing the option of a Four-Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) is but a … Delhi University had integrated the four-year undergraduate programmes (FYUP) in the year 2014 but had to terminate it due to teachers’ and students’ protests. With the rollback of FYUP, fate of students enrolled in BTech and BMS courses is also unclear.

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