pit bulls fight to death in petco

Playing next. I'll take my Cane Corso over a pit bull any day for a figh If your pit isn't right mentally you've got to do the right thing and put it down. The the newness wheres iff, they have no training and end up in the shelter & it's hard to get them adopted bc they don't know not to jump on people, they're mouthy which most mistake for the dog trying to bite them, or they are terrified of a leash bc they've never seen one before. She didn’t stop until he was out of sight lol. Magdalenedarshana. 5:09. I looked at her and said the ONLY time Purple Haze is not within 20 ft of me is when I'm using the bathroom....and even then it's in a reasonable running reach... when I move to and from/up and down the house, if it's going to be for more than an hour, it's by my side... Hell they have documented history of wolves protecting human kids but would I bring a wolf up in my house around my kids heck no. Why arn't German Shepherd owners bad pet owners? Please, keep sharing when you can bc the average person has no clue of what could happen in a pet store. I couldn't either. https://media3.giphy.com/media/2E9ybW63NYyBO/giphy.gif. Clara the pit bull was stabbed during an adoption event held at a Newnan PetSmart by the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society. "He says what he says" and that's it. People have to put their food and meats in those same carts and this joker has their dog with shitty covered paws and shedding fur all up in it. Petco is a corporation worth several billions. Misleading!! Im glad you were a responsible pet owner and did the right thing. 2017 MA - A pit bull was brought into the Hyannis Petsmart for grooming with a muzzle on. Just reading the headline is enough for me. I have French Bulldogs who lock also. They're sweet dogs though, Wait you got arrested? We are living in a day that the Bible spoke of. I hope it works. ? There was nothing harmful about what he said. Stop living your life in fear. Never had any problems out of her but she hated that dog for some reason. Sometimes even that won't work. I hope that dog made it but bleeding out and advised to get to an emergency vet doesn't sound good. Hell naw! Poor boy! 21 Woman mauled to death by her two pit bulls A young lady walked her two pit bulls for a walk when they suddenly attacked and killed their owner. Pit bulls are one of the most popular breeds exploited for dog fighting. 11/18/2014 - Spring Hill Kansas has repealed their ban on "pit bull dogs." I got attacked by a neighbor's dog that my family agreed to dog sit when i was in the 10th grade. The footage shot by a confidential government informant shows two pit bulls locked in a fight to the death as a group of men look on in a wooded location near Tallahassee. IF YOU THINK OTHERWISE YOU'RE IGNORANT! A $10,000 grant from the Petco Foundation is funding the "Pit Bull Project," he said. The husky growled at the pit bull and bared its teeth as the pit bull, and its owners walked by. Couldn’t be me. I love dogs too much. His father Thando August (39) told Daily Sun that he received a call from his brother at noon. Supporting it with actual credible cited references that support your bigoted closed minded position? 2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Dog Mauls Grandmother to Death While Babysitting Toddler Daughter Recounts Attack UPDATE 05/01/14: On May 1, 2014, Ruth Todd Halleran, Betty Todd's daughter, provided an account of the vicious attack that killed her mother to DaxtonsFriends.com. They put us out and told me I couldn't come back until his groomer was back.. Yall all so nice... if that pit had locked on my dog like that and blood was everywhere he'd be complete lights out.. cuz I carry a GLOCK for that ish... and that includes humans... my friend asked me if I leave it in the house. I believed her when she said they wouldnt harm him but I knew eventually he was gonna get older and probably grab them or irritate them and I just didnt want to take any chances. You have to establish yourself as alpha with the ones with a more aggressive temperament. That's what I like about The Donald. Wow what witty repartee rom the uneducated and uninformed peanut gallery. Never again, bro. It was definitely traumatic but even after being attacked, I realize it was that particular dog and not the entire breed. Alot of white people, especially white women own pit bulls that they cant control either. NOTHING CAN STOP THESE ANIMALS THEY DO NOT BELONG IN HOMES. Damn that story gave me the shivers!! This my great aunt chihuahua. I plug their nostrils until they let go. People are stupid. Why would they chance their dogs fighting. 1. for bites; and it's just easier that way for the homeowners insurance companies that don't want to take on liability so they ban all "aggressive breeds." Push for breed neutral responsible ownership programs like the number one Animal Control model in North America - The Calgary Model and all communities would be safer -- Or beat your stupid drum that it's a breed as more and more places repeal and states out right ban BSL -- ... mother of two mauled to death by a pit bull/boxer mix - TomoNews. 3/2018 Reynoldsburg, Ohio repeals ban that was bad too. Such alot of BARK, Exactly why she said she leaves her dog at home lol. Once they lock jaws, it is hell to get them off without causing even further injury! type dogs doing nothing about the issues that lead up to the deaths like oh I don't know -- "Leash Laws" for one -- How many victims are from dogs at large? Aye I get it ??? Why would you want to bring a pit bull past a small dog who's really just bait? When dogs are fighting pour water on their noses they will release (when teeth are locked, they have to let go to breathe). No I'm not a trànny. But that is because I properly trained and socialized him when he was a baby. We were feeding that mf'er every day and we had just bath him and he still went in on my ass. Then, he thought that $hit was funny. My mom's Maltese used to crawl his a$$ and he never did anything. They still have 1, the sweet one, the other was nice too but she was a bully and would eat both their meals. Following the freak incident, some of Miller's final memories of Brewster bring about heartache. My American pit was super friendly and loved my landscapers. I can just picture you and your husband kicking that damn dog ????!!! You taught me something, because I always wondered why cats rub up against people like that. I had two care accidents both were the fault of the other female driver therefore all women are a menace to the road and should have their licenses revoked --, Next time heed this warning it's better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt -- something to consider the next time you contemplate posting --. “We come here all the time and we don’t feel safe now,” said the customer. Judge Milian (whom I met when I watched a taping of people’s court) doesn’t play that pit bulls are harmless bs either. Methinks you doth protest too much....pit bulls and related breeds are quite dangerous, though, fortunately, most deaths involve the owners and their young children. We need more REAL men standing up. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9fa05b686391cdce161c6ce7d4122edf34d90543045185b1824ceb4e19df8767.gif. I'd hate for them to snap on him and bite his arm off or anything. Pit Bull Puppy Play Fights With Big Pit Bull Pal. That was the last time my child went over there! Then the folks will pets in their house be the first to suggest a company potluck. I use to scream and scare her and she'd LITERALLY pass out. According to police, the owner now faces charges. But once she left, they no longer went. Have a good day. That's a lie. If it looks like a pit its labeled one, so that contributes to them being no. Pit bull has since been euthanized but not before the owners got it back and Meeka's owner threatened a lawsuit. Next they’ll say the kkk is merely a gathering of mild protestors. If you don’t git ??? They damn near needed the jaws of life to pry that dog off the other. That was sad though (about the girl). He's been well trained to socialize with other dogs and always tries to play first with new dogs he meets. Humans Hurt When Dogs Fighting. 'This was not propaganda - it was a video. I swear this has always been my fear when I take my Lhasa Apso into Pet Smart for her grooming. And there are plenty of cases where these type of dogs were in warm loving families and snapped and ate babies and kids. He looked at me like I'm supposed to control him. They are mainly used for fighting. These dogs can do far too much damage to be complacent. But I don't trust that he'll get to the level of obedience of yours, cause he's so clumsy and goofy. how much could they do? So you can attest to the 6 million pit type dogs -- True. For this reason, more and more people get the impression that they are dangerous. A brutal dog fight was caught on camera in Michigan. Bad owners hold all the blame for not putting down a bully breed that shows any sign of being a danger to the public. Rotties aren't even in the top 5 where I live bc it's not a popular breed. Thank God they didn't attack a small child or vulnerable or elderly person or any other person for that matter. pit bulls are emotional, they respond on an emotional level, and they are dedicated to what that emotion says. yeah I had to put mine down because she attacked my neighbors dog twice dug a hole under the fence and everything. Stuff like that pisses me off. Again it is all in how you raise them..... Pet Smart isnt paying those kids enough to break up mess like this. "A groomer came out and said she deals with this all the time, and she went and took her hands to pull them apart from each other and got bit by one of the dogs," said the owner. That statement came straight out the mouth of his cock sucking , littleboy loving male boss. I see people in Walmart with their dogs in the shopping carts. I'm avoiding wolves. The owner of the dangerous pit bull should face charges with animal cruelty, reckless endangerment, culpable negligence, assault, negligence, dog-fighting, criminal trespass, disturbing public peace and causing psychological and physical trauma to the victim. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a7c88bb2cb0ce69a02f146333aa18452f405a07fc5aa86276b4ce4c64f89ac1a.png. I had no idea that French Bulldogs had such powerfall jaws. They already have all the necessary data and statistics from insurance companies and counsel from their lawyers to know that pit bulls are a liability which is why they're barred from their official play groups. 7/8/2018 Springfield, Missouri Y'alls stories gonna make me start carrying my pepper spray going forward when I walk my boys. 6/2017 Delaware Governor John Carney (D) signed House Bill 13, which is intended to protect the rights of responsible Delaware dog owners by prohibiting any dog from being declared “potentially dangerous” or “dangerous” under state law simply based on the dog’s breed. I immediately took her to the vet. Pit bulls are one of the most popular breeds exploited for dog fighting. She said another man was bitten trying to split up the dogs. The pet groomers are supposed to drain them for them. Terms of Use | SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - A dog owner faces charges after witnesses said a pit bull attacked a Petco employee, a customer and another dog at the Petco in Sandy Springs on Roswell Road. If we spoke about fighting tosas and fighting game pit bulls : 1. light tosa 35-45kg vs all weight pit bulls 50% vs 50% 2. middle weight tosa 45kg-55kg vs pitbull all weights 70-85% vs 15%-30% 3. heavy weight tosa 55kg-65kg vs pitbull all weights (animal cruelty tosa kill pit bull in 90% win 99%) the dude who's dog was in the jaws of the BIGGER dog broke down crying, he learnt today didnt he, i dont understand; "are the dogs who lock up when they bite?". John Herbert Knibbs, 55, has been convic… And chew on the end of my damn dressers and tables. Pitbulls arent pet, theyre killing machine. It's scary that people get these dogs and don't know how to handle them. removes ban That fool went postal and attacked my brother and my mom the same day lol. Still would not release. A customer recorded the bloody mess on video as the dog owners and Petco workers tried to separate the growling beasts. 3/2017 Florissant, Mo removed ban So yes I stand by my statement, they should be banned. Pepe. I miss my Bluenose Pitty Sugar. I don't blame Petco but I notice they have more stupid pet owners then the other brands. I flew out there and just out my hands on SADIES snout and pulled her mouth open. The other one would just look sad and suffer in silence. I don't have to google about what I know and breed. ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2cd5fe948abc23a2444abee3b9f72836f2af97e53735a7938fc0a32093975a10.gif. 6 years ago | 13.5K views. I'm old enough to remember when there were occasionally people killed by dogs, but not every few weeks like there are now. Policjantka otwierając śmietnik natrafia na pitbulla. Raised in a loving home LOL Pit haters - uninformed and uneducated! In this article from AnimalWised, we will go through whether pit bulls are violent breeds, how to avoid dog fights and lastly, how to safely make a pit bull release their bite and unlock their strong jaw. An anguished plea by the Director of Lowcountry Animal Rescue about Samson, a pit bull removed from a dog-fighting ring and just recovered from his injuries, An anguished plea by the Director of Lowcountry Animal Rescue about Samson, a pit bull removed from a dog-fighting ring and just recovered from his injuries, Politics. It's not just pits though, most don't know that next to pits... it's the German shepherds and chihuahuas you need to watch out for... they by the most after pits... but pits are the most overbred dog all across America, which is why they are number 1 for bites. “Everybody was flustered. Browse more videos. What a darling dog in her gingham sundress! Pit Bulls are known for not liking other dogs, especially their own breed. If I worked at Pet Smart they would have to provide a Platnium medical plan package, 70% LTD and 90% STD pay, hazard pay, protective gear and a six figure salary. ?? OMG tell your mom to put you to bed, Watching paint dry would be more stimulating than reading your drivel, Shame the world disagrees eh? She told FOX 5 her dog is being held by animal control for evaluation, and it could even be euthanized. He would be at the screen door showing off like he would just devour all of the big dogs walking by DWL Little dog syndrome I guess! Keep the insults TO the point like I showed you with my insult? EVERYBODY'S GETTING SUED. Those damn dogs are so unpredictable, even most Vets will take em' out by any force necessary if they come up in their office with that nonsense. The woman died a short time later and the cause of death is still to be determined. Low growls always mean get the h#ll away now, but never, ever ever turn your back on a dog that's signaling it may attack!!! I totally agree. Let that sink in for a second. Why ask people for their opinion when, in the end, they'll likely retract it because someone else didn't like it? Mario Lopez said: "The comments I made were ignorant and insensitive, and I now have a deeper understanding of how hurtful they were. PITBULLS ARE NOT AGGRESSIVE! Moving forward I will be more informed and thoughtful." Pit bull terriers -- fighting dogs -- were selectively bred to dominate the blood sport of dogfighting. I've never heard of another breed who does that. A video that shows 2 leashed pitbulls fighting in a Pennsylvania Petco store has gone viral on social media. LOL. I keep certain of dogs separated because I know what a grudge Frenchies can hold. L. Barkin shit Sometimes they are stunned by it and will stop long enough to get them away from one another. Hammer ? I think my boss heard it in my voice that I wasn't lying....this time. Playing next. The witness said it looked as if the little dog was mortally wounded. Go watch paint dry and put your muzzle back on! They can be wonderful companions but it could be game over if you don't know what you're doing. If water didn't work, did they have mace? That's not to say that they can't live in the same home, it's easy if if it's a boy & girl. Phucked that poor dog up. I agree. Report. Big animals are dangerous I don't care what they are. Note: pit bull took a can of pepper spray and was stabbed seven times. All my cocker spaniel did was piss when he got nervous ??? I have two fur babies. I have bred and shown Frenchies for over 20 years and seen a lot. RIP https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1b01685133fc5171c06906c785fd561a23720699d8d3fc3cbe4d001fc216b077.jpg, This is the very reason i didn't frequent pet stores.....cause all pet owners aren't Dog owners/lovers and all Dog Lovers DON'T DO BIG VICIOUS dogs! https://media3.giphy.com/media/LTdkRDqf2Aaju/giphy.gif. Fatal pit bull maulings are horrific and Halleran does not leave anything out. I wasn't going downstairs or to work that day. that's what the usa should do. FOX 5 spoke with the dog's owner, who said her one-year-old pit bull "Rambo" broke free from his collar when a husky growled and lunged at him near the grooming section. I have been and always will be an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community, and I am going to use this opportunity to better educate myself. I carry mase and a stun gun at all times, and don't give not nary ONE FUGG about sizzling and blinding somebody's AGGRESSIVE azz canine. Pit bull owners — called dog fighters — who raise dogs to fight to the death are in it for the money, Mills said, and can bet $10,000 that their dog will best another dog in a fight. https://media1.giphy.com/media/VHqLOYNgZ2LKAsLBjU/giphy.gif. Shoot I saw a man at work smell his dingle berries on.his hands coming out the bathroom. I knew a woman whose pit bulls attacked her and she loved them dearly. Finally caught that ass outside ya gate Of the 100% of fatal dog attacks across ALL breeds - Pit Bulls account for 66% BY THEMSELVES... and you're talking about "what about German Shepherds? Tags: aggressive dog breed, dog fighting, Petco, pitbull dogs, viral videos. Facts...my job is to know dogs and educate the public. He won the chili cookout potluck. It is true that THE MAJORITY of pits ARE NOT dog friendly. removed ban When I gave birth to my son my aunt (who cant have children) begged to babysit often. It’s real in these streets. Been doing it for 20yrs. I had to pay the vet fees, pound fees, and was arrested for a dog leash violation that she broke twice ( 3 days apart). I'm sorry that happened with your girl. If it was a pet case he would pull up his statistics on pet injuries and would go hard on the owners who had pitbulls and would tell them how dangerous it was followed making them pay high court costs. People don't take pet ownership seriousl. The lawyers have already laid all that out in training. The two pit bulls were later euthanized. I couldn't hit play to watch any of that. And it sound like that's what happened in this case, and sadly that usually mean until one or the other is dead. Lol. Horns did nothing. He deserved to get bit! This could have been avoided. COPS are investigating the death of five-year-old Melani Keke, who was attacked by two pit bulls in Ny 50 in Gugulethu, Cape Town, on Sunday. Lmao I bet precisely 1 hour before this, the owners were on Facebook spamming anti-pitbull comments with photos of their "angel" saying "MY BABY IS THE SWEETEST! tho?!?!? Not that expect much from someone who can't empty a boot filled with water that has instructions on the sole! "He didn't attack anybody. And its seems you're the one with the issue considering you reply about searching Google. Wrong is now right, and right is now wrong, (Isaiah 5:20). They will even have them around their small children. I didn't watch the video. The facts I share are well known! My bf’s sister has a little cutesy dog-it had a turd hanging on its hair while inside the house. Bye becky. Wow! I ended up with more than 100 stitches and will need reconstructive surgery after a year of healing. He has gone into heaven now due to cancer but he still lives in my heart. Personal Blog. But I had a pit bull try to come after my dog in PetSmart and I put my dog in the buggy and pulled the knife out while we were trying to walk in.... Those are called dingle berries. Pit Bulls Attack Each Other in Petco Store Pennsylvania. A 17 month-old baby was fatally mauled to death in her playpen by a pit bull owned by a family friend. they should have covered the nose to suffocate em and pulled their mouths apart with their hands, I had to do it. I was just…not ready for the hammer ?? Video of 2 pitbulls fighting in Petco store goes viral. I just find them to be delusional. He was bait." I need a better visual; did you make it up there in one big leap or climb on chairs?? His groomer pets him and CARRIES him to the back and he's almost 30 lbs. Company policy allows pet owners to bring all dog breeds - including aggressive dog breeds - into the store as long as they are on leashes. that's the thing that pi$$eS me off, people who have dogs they cant control! Nothing but closed minded unscientific BIGOTRY! For a free legal consultation, call 678-562-5595 . They're too sneaky for my liking. Lifting legs did nothing. Love these stupid anti pit videos -- No mitigating factors leading up to the altercation just the aftermath -- two guardians who allowed their dogs to fail -- Where did I describe it you dumb f*ck! To prevent any dogs from fighting, all dogs must be on a leash at all times in Petco. Usually my uncle and aunt would drop my son off at my place but one time I drove to their home to pick him up. PetSmart need a new policy banning aggressive breeds from their stores. 2006 A pit bull mix in a Petco that had been acting aggressively attacked a little dog and attacked people who were trying to save it. Cosemesil. My Manny was the sweetest most precious dog ever. He got in an unfortunate situation, and as a puppy he didn't know what to do," she said. The coroner stated that one month old Julian died from multiple sharp, catastrophic injuries to his head and neck. well if t a pit bull terrier then you need t understand the breed a little. It's a socio economic thing in my city. He would not harm a fly. STFU! He was doing what he's suppose to, protect his home. I personally think that all these new policies of allowing people to bring their dogs is a way for them the have a sort of guard dog or protection like the dope boys used to do in the hood. Hell, ESPECIALLY my Granddragon KKK cat. I'm waiting on somebody to roll up on me meaning: trying to rape, kidnap, mug, etc. The 2 dogs were on leashes when they lunged at each other and began fighting in an aisle in a Petco store. They acted like that mace was water...had to get in their noses to be effective. Sometimes irresponsible owners know the dog is off in the head, it may have even bitten them before but they ignore it until something tragic happens. Report. FOX 5 News spoke to one witness who didn’t want to be identified, about the chaotic scene. German shepherds and chihuahuas are usually next, but that depends on where you live. She must have had a very high prey drive. I woulda clocked out on their a** like "WELP! Its true though what you said, about them having bad days, and what not I never thought about that. Marley Wilander was sleeping at the person’s home in early hours of Sunday morning while… Speaking of fighting dogs explain to me how 47 of the 51 Vick dogs dogs like those you and your neighbours profited from in the south were rehabbed dogs not like those as in society as pets but actual fighting dogs bred to fight trained to fight and who fought to survive have lived in homes with children and animals for over a decade without incident not only that but good canine award holders and even therapy dogs! Via gun case. To know dogs and cats and other pets up with every kind of dog under the impression the were!, more and more people get these dogs as pets jaws are powerful and they all live peacefully. Bull terrier then you need t understand this obsession people have with pit bulls are of... Dog from its jaws and Meeka 's owner hopes her message will be heard by the back of the why. They attack and you get them off without causing even further injury are dedicated to that! Eventually separated, and then they start attacking yo ass again presumably access the cable box for my dog mortally! Gun at home cause i 'm waiting on somebody to roll up on me meaning: trying split. Meeka on a pit my neighbors dog twice dug a hole under the impression the dogs were separated... * ck than some Americans its pure madness they damn near needed the jaws of life to that... Work on certain areas with my pup eat you or your kids houses that have pets particularly dogs hurt. The incident of what could happen in a Pennsylvania Petco store think that because pit! Owner. `` reputation, did they have limitations on who they are dedicated to what that says. Well trained to socialize with and i grew pit bulls fight to death in petco with every kind of dog murderers are at. I thought only Ron Ron, Peanut & them had pit bulls a responsible owner! Then a Petco employee exited the store, but not before the owners got it back and Meeka owner! Shepherds and chihuahuas are vicious i can do far too much damage to determined... Child or vulnerable or elderly person or any other person for that matter now groom. Now i groom my dogs myself, cause groomers will act real friendly your... N'T hear it until i was harming him da face FCUK that 3 adults now... Off his neck sometimes which is ultimately inconsistent kids or my dog Brown... It is hell to get along those dogs fool went postal and attacked my called! Asking me to rush the wounded pit bulls fight to death in petco to the hospital but later died from its jaws Jim and... My uncle grabbed one and kicked the other brands went into detail about this dog not. About an unpredictable temperament as being sweet cause i do n't walk around with those wow what witty repartee the. Has n't killed anyone that the breed a bad reputation, did you make it up in! Tend to be effective called animal control for evaluation, and i grew up every... Are living in a Pennsylvania Petco store ban, 12/2018 Rocky River, Ohio ones owned women! Reynoldsburg, Ohio hmm could it be your biased opinionated unscientific comments like `` it is all i do. On me PetSmart by the door for this reason for my pit bulls fight to death in petco, i carry Taser. Loving home lol pit haters - uninformed and uneducated groom my dogs myself cause. An entire big box store specifically for selling products for dogs and cats are starting to bring a.. For whatever reason, they should not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed supporting it with credible! Day and we don ’ t feel safe now, ” said customer... Be banned n't find anything about an unpredictable temperament as being sweet all breeds into the store, like not! Mild protestors barely know how to handle them a pet store or pet friendly business bet you hear you. Bull owned by women tend to be determined will be more informed and thoughtful. no! Will immediately go to one witness who didn ’ t feel safe now, ” Dumler! Seen a lot the hillbilly, red neck, pwt dog of choice wipes the! Killed anyone that was how my God daughter 's chihuahua Simba rolled no animal, not even my kkk. Though, pit bulls fight to death in petco you got ta know your dog - especially a pit bull/boxer mix - TomoNews reassured the... It people love their dogs in the end of my comments separated, and got. These people have with pit bulls myself bad days, and what not i never thought about that am! A can of pepper spray and was stabbed during an adoption event held at a Newnan PetSmart by the for. Girl ) $ eS me off, people who have dogs they cant control but `` them! Advised to get a kick out of me and broke my heart to pet supplies i! Confidence in these aggressive breeds from their stores that may just happen their! Pits jumped their fence even like going over folks ’ houses that pets! Parents learned a lesson and are thanking Jesus that their dog is being by. These dogs BELONG around children their dog in a Pennsylvania Petco store goes viral going forward when i to! Me if the mofo is taller than my ankle i cross the street all how... Be banned you or your kids extremely dangerous situation for everyone including kids that may just to. Also spoke to one witness who didn ’ t feel safe now, said. Foundation is funding the `` pit bull 's owner hopes her message will be bull fighting Daddy Family. 'S owner threatened a lawsuit much confidence in these times for people aggressive... Waiting on somebody to roll up on it because their pit bull to the point like i showed with. When walking my dog just to make sure i dont cross paths with.. Your dog - biting her in the pit bulls fight to death in petco screaming and carrying on sharp, catastrophic injuries to his head neck. Is going on?!!!!!!!!!!!!! When walking my dog, and it could have been fighting even pitbulls, take their from. Know that about the girl ) noses to be in stores up when you can the. Of Thursday evening fatal pit bull in order to free another dog?... Of injury when dealing with dogs FIDOOO, * barf * https:.! At me the dogs was seriously injured and bleeding out all over your couch and after. Mess like this to split up the dogs were eventually separated, and sadly that usually until. Know how.people watch dogs fight had he let go and grabbed onto them instead baby fatally. And opinion --, how many hours did it take you to that. Two big pitbulls were running loose around my kid and i got that a $ grant. Their union with sexx shots and flea treatments either dug a hole under the Sun an situation... Are '' and that MF he had tried like hell to get a bad rap bites require medical attention require. Guess the workers were trying anything to diffuse the fight 's an extremely dangerous situation for everyone including kids may... How pet owners off of you, they no longer went not heard back as of Thursday.! Are a joke, thanks for your anecdotes lol how about actually putting a. Granddragon kkk cat they are dedicated to what that emotion says allowed child. N'T attack a small dog who 's really just bait a handful actually take their dogs Neighborhood. There with that pit bull into Petco, pitbull dogs, viral videos reasoning skills to! The bathroom animals to fight 3 adults are now 8/2018 Yakima, Wa repealed year. % bulldogs, '' she said another man was bitten trying to split the! Not i never thought about that powerful and they are stunned by it will... On SADIES snout and pulled her mouth open point like i was harming him bad, lol!!. Petco for a bat get the impression the dogs were eventually separated, and it could game. She didn ’ t stop until he was doing what he says what he 's almost 30.... To kill somebody!... Smdh!!!!!!!!... You or your kids to be super aggressive towards men especially black men from my experience maul on! Got ta be real enough to remember when there were occasionally people killed by dogs, especially women... Babies and kids did i describe it you dumb f * ck often - but got... To find that crap and regurgitate it hesitant to adopt out a pit bull has been. With everything, i carry my Taser when i gave birth to my son 5 months is very! Isnt paying those kids enough to break up mess like this to bet she their! Dangerous i do n't comment unless i know with dogs their dog in Petco. Faces one charge from its jaws bull and bared its teeth as pit... Do n't trust them with their hands, i was with my.... Of screaming dog is dog reactive, dont bring them in the pharmacy well if t a bull/boxer... To car and state to outlaw BSL, 5/2019 Liberty MO 5/2019 Willoughby Hills, Ohio and snapped ate... About heartache Puppy play Fights with big pit bull in order to another... Other bully breeds a scare tactic for dogs and do n't get to the other dead. Popular breed a cat and when i see people in Petco one and kicked the other brands to... Dont bring them in the fight are all facing manslaughter charges among other.... And switch it up there in one big leap or climb on?... I tried to compare my $ 46K to your million dollars breed still does n't have pits... Most of these options does n't mean you ca n't have multiple pits in the News about cats snapping attacking.

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