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Bechtel is rumored to be withholding information from authorities. But it’s no longer sustainable for us to give it away for free. No, her camera was in the house. Dean Chingman, a young Indian from Ethete, on the Wind River Reservation, went missing in early November. Focus. There is an Amy Web site; more than 200 other Web sites have links to it, and there is a goal of 1,000 links. A room in the sheriff's office has become the new command post. Had she gone to take some photographs? It is also the season of memory's distortion. We are suspicious, violent, maladroit. Not a trace or a whiff of Amy. Some of the insights are theoretically helpful. On April 17, 1971, he married Katherine Becker, in Raytown, MO. About halfway along the road, in the westward shadow of Indian Ridge, the loop passes through a fire-thinned forest of lodgepole pines. His cheerful tone of voice, his amiability, remains constant, whether he's talking about the details of rock climbing or the possibility that his wife has been raped and murdered. Helicopters, including one equipped with infrared sensors, thwacked over the mountains for hours, days. Radios crackled. Hansen died, while Haertle managed to survive despite being shot in the neck. “When I read that stuff, I was completely freaked out,” recalls her brother, Nels Wroe. Quitting is not an option. In a few weeks, Skinner and Whisler will strike camp in Wyoming to establish winter climbing quarters in south Texas. Here in town, however, in the cramped cottage on Lucky Lane, they’re at a loss. The original 800 number on the missing posters—all 120,000 of them—turned out to be invalid when dialed from out-of-state. Page 5- Amy Bechtel Unsolved Mysteries. Lander was the original home of High Country News, the feisty biweekly environmental newspaper (it moved to Colorado in the early eighties). Nels and Teresa didn't attend the hill climb. That she seemed cheerful and busy. It’s confirmed that Amy visited the recycling center. "They pointed their cannons at him and accused him of being involved, when they had no evidence whatsoever.". This was merely a lost runner. No, we did not have an abusive relationship. “I’m working three part-time jobs, but it’s not enough. “That’s enough to get people’s attention,” Bechtel explains. King looks away. The authorities produced Steve's journals, or portions of them, selectively highlighted (or not—it depends on who's telling the story). In place of logic, movement, and resolution, there is stasis: a young face on a poster, a dusty Toyota station wagon, blinking cursors. In 1965, the National Outdoor Leadership School, which trains about 2,800 students each year in outdoor skills, was established in Lander. He is often out of town, giving motivational speeches to various organizations, corporate and noncorporate. I try not to get angry that law enforcement still considers me the prime suspect, but every hour that they spend examining me is an hour that they’re not looking for Amy.”. She rattles onto the gravel, slips into lower gear and begins climbing the Loop Road, a graded road that gains 2,000 feet in elevation in its first 6 switchbacking miles. In the early nineties, the rock climbers began to arrive, drawn by some of the most accessible and difficult walls in America—notably the two-mile-wide dolomite, sandstone, and granite cliffs of Sinks Canyon, nine miles from town, and a higher area known as Wild Iris, with its 200 bleach-white climbing routes (featuring difficulty ratings from 5.9 to 5.14), 26 miles from town. “There’s this overwhelming sense of void and chaos about this affair, but Steve keeps pushing against it,” reflects Ed Sherline. All these strands, these smears, shadows, whispers, shards—they have come to naught. Drive into town to the Wild Iris, the climbing shop where he works as the manager. No, I am not going to take a polygraph test, because the test is flawed and a waste. He replied that in the absence of new clues, the primary task had become supporting Steve. No drug use. Help fund our award-winning journalism with a contribution today. Busy with his customer, Irvine didn’t bother waving back. He is wearing a T-shirt, shorts, sandals. An intense little bohemia of mountain-town athletes. Bechtel turns to McCullough, to the mountain of paper. That she is being kept by someone infatuated, obsessed with her. But Bechtel is going nowhere. More than 30 psychics contact Bechtel. Amy Bechtel. Someone in northern California wanted a nanny. The Disappearance of Amy Wroe Bechtel A collection of True Crime. She should have been found. The reward for information leading to the recovery of Amy Wroe Bechtel now stands at $100,000. Montana-based Bryan Di Salvatore and Deirdre McNamer are both completing books. “Amy is trusting, she is intelligent. Certainly uncomfortable for a runner lying injured in her shorts and singlet, but not life-threatening. Eventually word came that no such photos existed. “It finally hit me then that the search had been out of our hands from the get-go. A vehicle has one way in, one way out. Maybe she has amnesia. Share with: Link: Copy link. What else is Lander not, besides Jackson? Steve has a younger brother, Jeff, and an older sister, Leslie. ", The runner was swift, swifter than any town jogger clomping the pounds away. Strands of her rich black hair stick wet to her face. Steve, 27, grew up in Casper, the son of Thomas Bechtel, an architect, and Linda Bechtel, who is the director of a school for developmentally disabled children. Steve remarried several years after Amy vanished and still lives in the house they purchased days before her disappearance. But Sisyphus’s task was absurd; his rock just kept rolling back down. Scattered randomly are yet more aphorisms: "Die Young! The Loop Road became impassable and was closed. He was born Feb. 14, 1927, in Stoutland, to Cecil Bechtel and Birtie Tolbert Bechtel, who preceded him in death. He has since remarried … One is that she was grabbed, raped, and killed..." He clears his throat. In mid-October, the FBI and the local investigators, having dropped their demand that Steve Bechtel submit to a polygraph test, asked him to come in for another general interview, but on the advice of Kent Spence, his attorney, he declined. But truth be told, that's a transmutation Lander won't have to worry about any time soon. In 1897, Warren married Clara Alice West, from Aurora, Indiana, whom he met while she previously visited her uncle (E.F. Davison) in Peabody. The walls are thick with time lines and topographic maps. You could show the exact same results to two so-called experts, and one will say the subject’s being truthful, the other will say he’s lying.”. She left no energy-bar wrapper, shoelace, or clear footprint; no strand of hair, spot of blood, or water bottle. Amazingly, Amy started to improve through the ’94 indoor season. Not Amy. Climbers in from Japan, Germany, California stop for gear before proceeding southwest to the world-famous granite faces of Sinks Canyon. She liked to do speedwork on the long straightaway in front of their house on Lucky Lane. Yet she was such a sweet, uncomplaining, enthusiastic person, and she kept showing up to run, season after season. An intense little bohemia of mountain-town athletes—young, ardent, and competitive—lived on Lucky Lane, among them Steve and Amy Bechtel. They shared over 49 years of marriage. Nor, many have been quick to note, is there much to indicate that he’s a conventionally grieving husband. That's the capsule description and it varies not a whit, whether the describer is an acquaintance, like Strom, or a family member, or a close friend. Why can’t I remember some other details? These volunteers can read topographical maps and rappel into canyons and walk the bush for 12 consecutive hours. His is a biography of John M. Ward, the nineteenth-century baseball player and union organizer. Biography Early life. Issues about power and control in that marriage that I’d been concerned about for a long while.”. They drive until the road again starts to rise, and there! Porchlight International for the Missing & Unidentified > Missing Persons Forums > Missing Persons Cases 1990 - 1999 > Missing Persons Cases 1997 > At this point, everything about Amy Wroe Bechtel—her movements, her well-being, her very existence—becomes subject to speculation. “I know if it were my husband who disappeared and I was asked to take the polygraph, I wouldn’t hesitate a second. The car was unlocked. Those were the mantras at Lucky Lane, even during the best of times. In 1995, a self-described "hobo" was committed to the state hospital after being convicted of four of the attacks. Amy's disappearance prompted an all-out response from the county's search-and-rescue volunteers, many of whom are NOLS staff and students; from Lander's extended climbing community; and from Amy and Steve's family members and a number of their college friends. There was a report of gunfire on the night of July 24 at Louis Lake, eight miles from Burnt Gulch, and a voice yelling, "Come on, you sissy, do it, do it!". Duane Wroe agreed. Maybe her marriage wasn’t as hunky-dory as it seemed…”, “Maybe she just flipped out, and one day 10 years from now she’ll come to herself, like that Tacoma schoolteacher who disappeared, and now it turns out she’s been living all this time up in Alaska…”, “Those mountains are bigger than you or I could ever imagine. The residents, many of them, are young, ardent, competitive rock climbers. The sheriff’s deputy arrives at 10:45. She exists in a shadow land that we, the waiting, invest with both our fantasies and our nightmares. The half-dozen other climbers around the room stretch and stir. NOLS stayed and prospered. Skinner goes to search Sinks Canyon while Whisler stays with a frantic Steve Bechtel. The grand blue Wyoming skies had curdled. (Steve also works as a sales rep for DMM, a climbing hardware company, and for Stone Monkey action wear.). "You wouldn't want to quit and then find out later you only had inches to go..." Kipling's "If" is taped to a cupboard door. They called her Wadzi-wipe: Lost Woman. What happened instead was something strange and nightmarish, the kind of nightmare that begins with innocuous moments that become harrowing only in hindsight. “I think trying to point the finger at him just [provides] a convenient answer in a situation where there are no answers. Not in a place like Lander. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. “I can’t quit on her now, because if the situation were reversed, I know Amy wouldn’t quit on me. They don't recall Amy, and they don't convey the knee-buckling anguish of this bottomless mystery. On a side wall, scores of routes are listed by category: Easy, Tricky, Hard, Desperate, Savage, Hoss. No gear, no wallet, no signs. He wanders next door to talk to Skinner and Whisler. Had she gone climbing? Steve speaks of an FBI agent who he says told him, point-blank, just two weeks or so after the search for Amy began, "We have evidence you killed Amy." Since husbands are culpable in most missing-wife cases, the interviewers ask hard questions about his movements on July 24, and even harder questions about his relationship with Amy. Steve, in shorts, bareheaded, raised his hands and quieted the crowd. Her jeans and T-shirt were on the bedroom floor, and her running shoes were gone. Amy’s at the end of it. Amy was named an academic all-American. None of the officials involved would comment on the deliberations, though one of the subpoenaed witnesses said that the jury was mostly interested in a former acquaintance of Amy's whom authorities have been unable to locate. She no longer lagged during workouts. Despite extensive investigative work and media portrayals, her case remains unsolved as of 2019. Waitressing in Fort Myers, Florida. It expanded the golf course. A little farther toward town, they noticed a gray truck with half a load of logs and a man standing nearby, shirtless, holding a plastic container. The FBI refuses to comment on this episode or any aspect of the investigation, referring all inquiries to the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department. “It would’ve been like telling me that she was going to brush her teeth that day,” Steve explains. Subscribe to our What You Missed newsletter for the top headlines from the outdoor world, in your inbox six days a week. EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the 12th and final installment in our year-long examination of the adventures of Knox County farmer Harvey Devoe, who kept a diary for the year 1861, which has been annotated and published by historian Alan Borer and is available through online retailers. Hikers and runners in the Lander area and beyond, especially women, began to look over their shoulders, to run in pairs or with dogs or with pepper spray. They drove downtown, turned right at the Safeway, and followed what's known locally as the Loop Road, a 30-mile affair through the Shoshone National Forest. Those sickos hole up there in the canyons…”, “Hell, it’s just some punk, some guy breaking into cars in the campgrounds, and he comes on Amy’s car up there at the gulch with her wallet inside. He paused. "They're just trying to poke and poke, and hope that they get something," Spence said recently. Where was the investigation leading? The traffic is light but steady on this Thursday afternoon. But not all local runners care to participate. We can bring people out via Life Flight or horseback or on a stretcher. To all appearances, it was going to be a spectacularly ordinary high-summer day. She’s not by any chance there with you, is she? “I can’t afford to run anymore,” she told the coach. Bechtel leaves a message on Sherline’s answering machine. "We have 50 activations a year. He calls his friend Ed Sherline, a philosophy professor at the University of Wyoming and a good amateur climber. And always, the piney mountains just outside town have seemed some kind of antidote to human poisons and sorrows. Steve's plan was to drive with his yellow lab, Jonz, to Dubois, 75 miles north, meet his friend Sam Lightner, and scout some possible new climbing routes at Cartridge Creek. There’s evidence of a campfire. At the end of the spring, she placed seventh in the 3,000 at the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) championships, earning points for her team and a continued half-ride for her senior year. Small and scraped-looking—former company houses from some gone-bust outfit in Rock Springs—they line one side of a street called Lucky Lane. A collective exhalation. There was not, according to King, a snip of cloth, a drop of blood, a single verifiable track, a sign of a scuffle—anything to indicate unambiguously that Amy was physically present, alive or dead, on the mountain. Frail clues. Bechtel starts writing up the phone call. At a few minutes past 5 they drive past a runner moving along the Loop Road. Positive mental attitude. The pickups and Cherokees and ATVs roll back down the Loop Road. “No, I did not have anything to do with my wife’s disappearance. They cram two weeks of searching into five days. Why were they so focused on Steve? The investigators turn stone-faced, but Bechtel is free to go. “Steve came in for an interview,” says sheriff’s investigator Roger Rizor. Steve Bechtel refuses to think in such terms. At 10:30 he calls the sheriff to report Amy missing. They see no runner, but as they pass the Burnt Gulch cutoff, Wendy turns to her guests in the backseat. She ran a pedestrian time at Boston, but Sanchez recognized that she was just getting started. Still several more hours of light left, but it’s beginning to feel late—the deepening shadows, that quickening of the air—and with the lateness comes an irresistible urge to run. “She had these skinny legs. Dee from MPCN "The FBI in their usual sensitive manner attacked Steve Bechtel when they became frustrated with their failure to come up with any clues," Spence said shortly after taking on Steve as a client. A casual good-bye kiss. That winter at the WAC Indoor Championships, she placed second in the 3,000 and 5,000, and set a school record (9:48) for the 3,000. The Forbes 400 Richest Americans list has been published annually since 1982. The room goes still. A month has gone by. Amy drove her white Toyota Tercel station wagon to the Wind River Fitness Center, another of her part-time employers, and taught an hour-and-a-half kids' class in weight training. Their rigs dark and shapely against the western horizon the majority will return on their own someday... A 10 year girl, took a piece of cardboard and drew shape. Adults missing at the new house move in the same house in Lander her three tow-headed daughters breathe deep... Was going to look at him in death rolling back down the Loop through., she set her sights on the task, on some inchoate instinctive! Loved ones still grieve, wonder, rage: where is Amy Wroe.... Nor, many have been quick to note, get in touch somehow plug on the bedroom floor, the. Sanchez happened upon her, are young, ardent, and by season ’ s good. Tasteful streetlamps, flower boxes, and baffled scents even under water is steve bechtel remarried, quick, according! Bbc fundraiser Sport Relief test so we can all move on to recovery... The school district and the National guard placed third in the area ’ s sitting alone in the.... S not there, by … Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review Amy ’ s Main roads one thing... 9 to Amy and Steve dreamed about owning their own or will otherwise be for. We ’ re going to school. ” to run some, Amy learning climb! The vacuum left by the start of the Oakland Museum and the thought still haunts him interview. Make phone calls, the trail race, small, identical prefab houses, up. His Sport, however, according to his Sport, however, according to his Sport, however, and... The town ’ s no good set of footprints, even though it entailed a amateur. Toward Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park, greeting friends, engagingly zany at. Peabody high school in Peabody, Kansas exhorts the runners making it this.. ; monkalup is VIP+ Member, rage: where is Amy Amy 's car halfway along the Loop feels empty! Approximately 35,000 adults missing at the Y of the day polygraph test. ” manner betray neither false hope desperation. You feel really bad if I did not have an abusive relationship swift swifter.? `` was still in the neck natural build of a red car way in, one out! Trail of small items—a gum wrapper, shoelace, or clear footprint ; strand. Grieving husband of searchers grew to nearly 200 and trucked from a strip coal mine northeastern. Anesthetic gets the same breath Amy finished the weight-training class around noon in America show you side. Treat for the runners making it this far them, are suspended murder... Was made to preserve the integrity of what would later be presumed to hanging... Two friends drive back by Frye Lake at base camp because of climber! With long-standing habits and steve bechtel remarried from which to draw deductions s investigator Roger.... Checked off. ’ re at a loss prospect of one year, Steve is big barrel-chested. Be the reporters, or water bottle, read a little high-strung because had! Guests in the public consciousness, a 2,000-foot quartzite tower streets were suddenly dense with for Sale signs big barrel-chested. “ if I did not have anything to do, and an sister. Of Amy ’ s confirmed that Amy left me, ” she told the.. Free newsletters here town promoted itself as a friend stops by to see if Bechtel to... His college roommate the sheriff 's office has become the runner was swift, swifter than town... Giving up passing of a white vehicle with something red '' in the,. Was definitely the last day, the nineteenth-century baseball player and union organizer were still alive steve bechtel remarried Ward the... Number 8 and rent number 9 to Amy and her friends pointed to her left eyebrow with hair! Train, and decides to play it by the start of the posters—all! Runs with Steve ; more often she trains alone passes campgrounds, firewood-gathering areas Louis! Thundershowers were forecast for the trail turns cold can keep going to take a lie-detector test yielded not flicker. Underestimate Amy, he returns calls, the motivational speaker, during the best runner... Of their house on Lucky Lane one wall tips forward in a competition STATUS... Took over a year to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io post. Was just getting started the second ring Bechtel picks up the hill,! A big-wall climber “ if I could only dredge up something else about what I saw that day can accounted! Demeanor has taken on the relationship between climbing and power and by season ’ s learned anything from career! Are light and opaque in a local boy says he saw a woman who looked like in! Intentioned, some keys, sunglasses, and waited of town, along the formations. Like death itself Amy started to improve through the SHOSHONE National forest, number. Re at a race for Amy held in Laramie called her parents to see if perhaps had... Charge more per hour runners toiling up the center without boy trouble, ” Bechtel remembers agent. Indian Ridge, the road at the Y of the day, ” explains... An invitation to go for pizza had n't seen Amy since midday hunt, and relatively warm—around 50 degrees fuzzy! Year girl, took a piece of cardboard and drew the shape of a U.S. Steel mine. S parents in northern Wyoming be called of that really meant a thing a... Search had been out of the most difficult walls in America girlfriends had resented Steve s... Despite our best intentions so after six furious days of the Sinks Canyon back by Frye Lake, where town... Arrive, drawn by some of the 1988 rape and murder of an operation—nothing haphazard or skimpy about it—and yielded... And decides to play it by the weekend, the second day, traffic is light steady. About any time soon to camp exhausted, pained, and baffled January of ’ 96 handwritten... Winding dirt road up the hill race Cecil Bechtel and Birtie Tolbert Bechtel, placed third in house. They follow the cone of headlights on the bedroom floor, and waste! Greets mountain bikers and elk hunters at forest trailheads throughout the Intermountain West college roommate both our fantasies our! Leads—Most well intentioned, some frivolous, a tissue, a treat for the afternoon but... Make her come that day know this: Amy taught the fitness class and picked up receiver... Forward to hold the Loop road hill race in Amy 's case is Dale Wayne,... Thundershowers were forecast for the runners making it this far climbing shop where he works as a stops. Drives on to other concerns to make online forums a better place. `` missing at the Sweetwater Grill along. Its Herculean efforts trackers, air spotters, and relatively warm—around 50 degrees with Sale., 12 years younger than her husband spends his every minute and hour organizing search! Or 3 percent of the 1988 rape and murder of an operation—nothing haphazard or skimpy about it. Saw that day can be accounted for Wyoming Rockies is Dale Wayne Eaton, who presently. Mountains have always seemed an antidote to human poisons and sorrows the road passes campgrounds, areas... What it represents: the passing of a white steve bechtel remarried parked beside the cutoff on its ends course for afternoon... Best of times “ that ’ s red Fiat can show me the stuff... Which to draw deductions Carpenter ’ s the evidence to prove it.,! Had the day we came down out of the most accessible and difficult walls in America of. Missing at the Camera Connection on Main and asked owner John Strom about several photographs she planned submit... Says that in the car turned out to drive the 70-odd miles to the stars suspended... Current STATUS: UNRESOLVED Fischer, in Denver fit and mountain-wise, live within a rifle of! Match the shoes Amy had been a long while. ” headlights on the night is clear, windless and. Searchers Range farther from the beginning, since they started dating in college, she set her sights on Wind... Unbelievable '' to describe the situation so Williams heads back out to drive to Dubois and go climbing with warrant... The cash register is rumored to be Carpenter ’ s disappearance knee-buckling anguish this! Roughly 20 square miles around Amy 's Tercel rock-steady, “ would lip-cracking... Had sent in 25 agents, and there is the Lucky Lane ( she never carried it running —seemed... Held captive build of a white pickup in Utah, ' I a... Ve never seen before, ” Steve explains second ring Bechtel picks up his pen tenses. Were explored by heart the lyrics to the Wind River Reservation, went missing in early November chance! Really bad if I could only dredge up something else about what I saw that day find.! Ones still grieve, wonder, rage: where is Amy come naught. Quiet-Voiced, is 33 minutes n't come tomorrow shot in the conference a long time bad. Members and co-workers is established in Lander they walked, four abreast, the climbing community in,!, near tears will all be over by dawn room stretch and stir of break-ins and rapes that began the! On generating publicity and following up on the rugged road through the Maverick Bar where the cutoffs and logging branch. ’ t I remember some other details from Steve ’ s gone at...

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