bona traffic hd vs oil based poly

What do you know about “dustless” sanding? Do they stain with oil and finish with Bona Traffic hd? Both Bona and Loba are good options, but Bona is a bit safer as it has stood the test of time. I’m going to attempt to give you the pros and cons of each of these, as well as the circumstances in when I would use one over the other as well as my personal preference and opinion. I am painting a piece of vinyl flooring to use as a rug under my dining table. Thanks! May I ask what you prefer for Bona Traffic HD specifically for this Driftwood? So either get the prefinished wood you love, or do unfinished wood and refinish it. Hi, GREAT product info here that my contractor confirms. Not sure the benefit of doing this. Third, and this is a little bit controversial, it might be a little bit better for the environment. 1. That being said, there is also the stain…and the stain, in my opinion smells worse than the poly. And, it sounds like your contractor is up on the trends. I also read your Discover the 6 Secrets of Refinishing Hardwood Floors. Dogs should stay off the floors 2 weeks…unless you get doggie socks (you can find a link for them in resource section on upper right). Otherwise, they will yellow and colors will not look right. Check out my Ebook – Discover the 6 Secrets to refinishing hardwood floors. I have read that the water based finish has a duller look. The purpose of getting prefinished wood is to avoid the need to refinish. Back to oil 100% as you got me through the health concerns! It may just be that your contractor feels more comfortable with oil based as it’s “more forgiving”/hides imperfections a bit more. So sealers are used all the time…and are not a cause of streaking. This sounds fine. Which brand of oil poly has less yellowing over time? Which one will hold up better? We want to do it ourselves now. Hi Debbie. https://www.dropbox.com/s/itepp1k9v9d08mr/unnamed-1.jpg?dl=0 It’s been a week and I’m finding a ton of scratches from the dog AND my rolling chair (I’ve since ordered silicone wheels for my chair). It says on their website after the application of 3 coats to let it cure for 30 days before putting furniture on it. ft. it was refinished years ago using a water-based polyurethane. Did you find my tips helpful? Once the poly cures (which can take 30 days), there is generally no difference in smell and usually not much of a difference after a week. I will give you some circumstances where water based may be a better way to go even though I am a strong proponent of oil based. Bona recommends Natural or Intense for Brazilian cherry. But there are some cloudy-looking issues w Natural. See below for some polyurethanes that are lower grade and I would try to avoid. Oil based poly has a deeper and richer look. It is equally as durable as oil, but will look lighter, less read, less orange. And, importantly, this environmental benefit only has an impact during the DRYING time. If they are in different areas/different floors, that’s fine. Water based polyurethane doesn’t smell as bad. But, it doesn’t smell as bad and it doesn’t smell for as long. I am going to sand the entire floor which is red oak. Does anyone make an oil base poly with a matte finish. If you are going natural (and I’m guessing you are since it’s brazilian cherry), you should be able to the the work done over 2 days either way and walk on it after 24 hrs from last coat. Please note that these are products I know/use and recommend to my customers. Hello I asked you a question regarding Arboritec vs. How do you choose whether you should buy oil or water based polyurethane? Are there good points to make? I never said that there wasn’t and in fact in many blog posts on here I state that is one of the big advantages of water borne poly. I also don’t know if there is any real testing or experience with how it really works over time. At NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, I will earn a small commission, if you purchase them. Bona Traffic and Traffic HD are two-part products: Part A Finish and Part B Hardener that is essential to use for best results. Generally, it may shave off maybe a couple of days/maybe 1 day – it depends on what you are doing in terms of the actual process. Thank you. Yasmen – That is fine. 1. and, prob naturale in old area. If so, feel free to buy me a coffee and support my blog. We … Chances are it will need to be fully sanded and refinished. With the oil based, they really tend to yellow over time and it does not look so pretty. Could you tell me the difference b/w ceramic and acrylic and if acrylic Bona Traffic is still a better product? That’s your best bet. The steps generally get the most traffic and wear and tear (along with … Also, on the other end, for drying time, it cuts down on that as well. Are you about to sand your floors? Also, if you want your oak floors to be as light as possible (and the least yellow), this is the best option. And, I will say that both are top-notch options. It doesn’t matter if it’s white oak or red oak. This is not the best picture (esp due to the flash), and it’s time for them to refinish the floors, but it demonstrates the point. I’ve searched online but haven’t found any pros and cons or uv vs the rest. It’s GreenGuard certified meaning it’s safe for children and pets and it’s school certified. Bona Traffic HD is a little better than the original Bona Traffic. But my potential contractor said Arboritec is ceramic whereas Bona Traffic is acrylic and the former is better. I was looking for information about using a hybrid system like this and couldn’t find much information. It is inferior. Brian – Yes, I agree and think it’s worth it. These 2 pictures here are meant to help illustrate a point, but you will need to use your imagination. felt pads, vent covers, Hardwood supplies e.g. Specifically designed for high traffic floors, Bona Traffic provides the ultimate in durability. There is no contest on the durability between the 2 options. Do 3 coats. In above article, it explains Bona traffic better and has a link to amazon where you can buy the product. I have some originally prefinished Brazilian cherry that was then sanded and stained dark ebony several years ago. Hi Flooring Girl. Call the manufacturer, but I seriously doubt it will work and you will probably need to redo your floors. I do have some people who prefer to do the water based because they have young kids and they are concerned about that. I may need to order more to get enough coats. Barry – No, you can’t slow down the drying time (unless you switch polyurethanes). For customers already living in their home, I recommend that they do this while they will be away for a while. thanks. Which are the best Polyurethane brands for floors? Oil makes light wood look yellow. 2. If you are looking long-term clarity, consider Bona Traffic… And, compared to other water borne polyies, it just looks cleaner and more natural. Your opinion? What is recommended when recoating after more than 48 hrs? It’s really only the drying process of sanding & refinishing, and most people prefer to be out of the house during this time anyway. The oil based won’t look right with that color as it will add yellow. So yes, we install and refinish floors. I moved into a house that was varnished with oil one month ago, and it smells and hurts my throat. As mentioned above, the VOC’s are lower not non-existent. Now when you resand, it will be lighter, but most likely the older area will still be a bit darker. Try bona traffic. and how many coats of Traffid HD do you recommend? Really enjoyed your article and professionalism on the responses. No, it is oil based. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page. It looks AWFUL!!! I’m not sure what to do given that he is highly recommended from a few different builders that I have talked to. Hi Jill. Please note that these are products I know/use and recommend to my customers. It will just not look right with the oil based. In general, Bona products are good. It just looks like it goes best. Rubio Monocoat 2C Hardwax Oil – fully cured in 7 days. I was happy with his work and whatnot through the entire process. But, but because you are in an apartment, maybe the circulation isn’t as good. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page. Maple is lighter than oak, and with oil based poly, it really does tend to yellow a lot over time. Hello and thank you for this site. Do we need to do a light sanding? I believe Bona makes one. But, as they and Duraseal recently reformulated, we found Duraseal to be superior. You recommend that satin is the most popular now. Did you find my tips helpful? But test to see which looks most similar. With its headquarters in Sweden, Bona is now present in more than 90 different countries all over the world through subsidiaries and distributors. It’s more challenging for DIYers to work w/ water borne poly, so you may also want to consider hiring a professional. StreetShoe would be my 2nd choice water borne polyurethane. Hope that helps clarify. yellow over time). I recommend them as they are good products. And, at those points in time, the water based poly looks way worse than the oil based – in fact, it’s usually peeling off and the hardwood is starting to look gray. Because of this, many co-ops are now requiring their homeowners to use water based poly. Doing a hybrid costs more and leads to poorer results. Most likely this is a better choice than other options, but not sure if any option is good. But, in general, I’m not a fan of hybrids. Water based poly tends to cost more than oil based poly. I looking to give it rich Satin finish. There are some exceptions because there are some places out there that use a very cheap water based poly. I am a general contractor and have a floor contractor who works for me. Faye – Yes, if you want to avoid the yellow, use Bona Traffic HD. Brian – Actually, you’re better off with Bona Traffic HD, rather than oil based. The biggest one is that it takes longer to do this work. Water borne poly comes out lighter and has a duller finish. I will give you some circumstances where water based may be a better way to go even though I am a strong proponent of oil based. Part 1 discusses the advantage of oil based polyurethane and Part 2 discusses the advantages on water borne poly. And, I would have recommended it even if you didn’t have the scratches yet. I also got an assessment from your contact in Brooklyn as well as a couple of others, though we ended up having to go with our contractor’s sub. We recently switched to Duraseal for oil based poly. Either is fine, but if you use water borne, use Bona Traffic for sure. For water based, he uses Bona Traffic. It’s more expensive though. Secondly, it lasts longer, and third, it costs less. Bona traffic hd reviews bonatraffic hd finish options floor coating and polyurethane finish water based polyurethane for floors finish options. Thank you. So this exaggerates the color difference. Owen – No, there is no way to waterproof your hardwood floors (especially as hardwood can also get water from below and sides). (1 coat stain + 3 coats poly). Second, it sounds like you may have had a lower grade water borne poly on 1st 2 coats…but you will have to find out if that’s the case. my question is, what does oil modified mean ? felt pads, vent covers, Hardwood supplies e.g. See this article: https://theflooringgirl.com/hardwood-flooring/which-are-the-best-polyurethane-brands-for-floors-which-do-i-recommend.html. What are your thoughts? Bona Traffic HD Commercial Semi-Gloss: Water-based Polyurethane $$$$ 4.2: 6. Required fields are marked *. The ones you can rent at home depot are very low quality. Yes, dustless is awesome and will severely reduce the dust. I believe it’s been a couple years since you wrote this piece on oil vs. water. There are definitely times where water based is a much better option than doing oil based. We have kids and dogs and were planning on doing 3 coats of Bona HD. Denine – You definitely want a WATER BORNE poly for ANY whites or grays. This is my first choice vacuum for hardwood floors, the best steam mop for tile floors and best hardwood floor cleaner. I read your article and it did answer some of my questions but I have two more If you can answer please…I have heavy traffic with dogs what is better for scratching and less to scratch Oil or Water and how may coats would be best for this. I don’t have any experience with it, so I can’t supply an opinion. Your flooring advice in the beginning of our Brooklyn brownstone renovation was peerless and don’t know what we would have done without it. Norm – That is odd…most oil bases have a matte finish option. Is Glitza a type of oil-based poly and do they both amberize equally? I then plan to lightly sand and finish with oil poly. He told us after 24 hours we could move our furniture around but just don’t slide it around, and maybe another day or 2 to let the dog back on it. Hardwood supplies – e.g. These are some generalizations because everyone’s floors are different based on their wear and tear, but most of my customers who do have water based, generally refinish every 5-6 years; with oil based, that looks more like 7-10 years. That makes a lot more sense. White oak specifically. But, it is more expensive and requires purchase of additional equipment. I recommend them as they are good products. But, putting polyurethane on them will give you a protective layer (and prob oil is a bit better for that). Our blue floors are stained and one coat poly down. Hi. It’s probably a bit more light sensitive with the water borne poly as it’s a bit thinner. Bona Traffic a couple of weeks ago, and you answered. Thanks. The other part of my apartment, separated by a wall and door has an oil based polyurethane which is in excellent condition. In my article for oil vs water based, I generally recommend oil based..but for standard colors and especially dark colors. (It is more expensive, though). I’m so glad it’s helpful. Now, I don’t want to kid you because it still smells. I’m now going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of water borne poly. It costs more than Bona Mega, but it’s worth it as it looks better, lasts longer and amberizes less. Avoid these common pitfalls that can impact your floor’s durability! Significantly outperforms all urethane finishes, including Bona Traffic, in … I know that breathing protection is available, but for those of us actually applying, we know that they are bulky, uncomfortable and difficult to keep from sweating on the floor. A good baseline to expect would be around 2-3 hours for each coat. As it turns out my floor guy was talking oil all along. is better. Or does it look like the tinted sealant has been used? I have other people that prefer to do it because the wife if pregnant. So I’m not so sure that it’s really better for the environment. ZAR 33912 Antique Flat Ultra Fast Drying Polyurethane: Oil-based Polyurethane … It’s really only the drying process of sanding & refinishing, and most people prefer to be out of the house during this time anyway. We offer both oil and water borne poly, but we strongly recommend oil based for most circumstances. Hi Debbie, I am considering using Bona traffic HD on new flooring which is a mix of white oak and red Oak. Also, with water borne poly on dark, you have the added risk of white line syndrome. We just had a friend do our floors with water based poli. Hi Deborah. The 2nd one is that it smells more, but generally this work is done while you’re outside of the home. The skeptical New Yorker in me says yes, you may be releasing fewer VOC’s; however, water based poly does not last as long; therefore you are refinishing the floors often twice as often, so you wear down the wood sooner and you are doing this process often twice in the same period of time. But, honestly, the saw dust has a much bigger impact than the poly does, and I would recommend for anyone that’s pregnant that they stay out of the house for this. Hi, we have had red oak installed in our new build house. But, it also … So this exaggerates the color difference. I’ve got an odd situation where I’m looking at doing a penny floor and am hoping to use a water based poly to finish it (rather than epoxy – working with epoxy as a rank amateur DYI scares me and I’m also not find of the high gloss finish). Also, found another installed in town who is using the Poloplaz oil also. We are preparing to sell our house. My name is Debbie Gartner, and I’m known as The Flooring Girl. Any oil based poly, including Bona oil based poly will turn the floors yellow. Bona makes six different sealers, each a slightly different under-color. I found a mill up in BC Canada that makes a 5mm engineered CVG fir floor. And, I wouldn’t worry about furniture (which can be moved and seal the doors and all cabinets with plastic. Which type of polyurethane is better for refinishing hardwood floors – oil-based or water-based polyurethane? There are some Co-ops in our area that do require water based poly because of the smell to the other tenants, so do be sure to ask your Co-op if you do live in one. If you have not listened to Part 1, you may want to listen to that first. And, screening prefinished wood is tricky if you’re not experienced. There are definitely some disagreements in this area, but I do think that if you look hard enough you ‘ll find that most professionals agree. This is my first choice vacuum for hardwood floors, the best steam mop for tile floors and best hardwood floor cleaner. Here’s a link direct to Amazon (I hope it works) for the product. But, it definitely does cost more. I did try to use the Vote Feature on your website and of course chose Oil, but it came back with invalid entry so you may want to look into that….or could be my browser so not sure. But, usually co-ops are doing this due to the smell (as a courtesy to neighbors). Water borne poly (Bona Traffic) on white oak Oil based poly on white oak. I have an air purifier and the AC running. Bona Traffic is the best product for gray and white wash stains, as well as maple as it amberizes (or yellows) the least vs any other product. Bona Traffic is the only product we use with gray or white washed floors. You won’t know until the floor is sanded (even in a small area) and test. As for the Satin vs. Semi-gloss; I wanted to go for Satin because I believe it will wear better than a higher gloss and look better since I have a dog who will be walking all over it with his paws. The steps generally get the most traffic and wear and tear (along with hallways), so it’s even more important to have a high grade finish in these areas. Hopefully your paint isn’t white…as any poly will change the color. Low VOC, GREENGUARD certified and fast drying, Bona Traffic HD … https://www.dropbox.com/s/n4vvxt2t1dua1w6/unnamed.jpg?dl=0 Generally, these formulations aren’t as good/strong as using oil only or water only. In particular, if you have maple hardwood floors, they look much better with water based. Is that correct? Be sure to wait at least 6 months before adding area rugs as teak is very light sensitive. Thank you for your comments. Bona Traffic HD. Oh! I just wanted to make sure you are aware of this. Hi! Meg – I seriously doubt this will work. It looks great, dries quickly, and doesn’t amberize. And, I would say that 2 coats of mega is insufficient. If a bottle is $20 … I agree with looks of poly, but I consider my health as a factor for using the Bona traffic HD over the poly, as I am off the next day to constantly breathe fresh finish and not he dried finish. It’s hard to say. Bona Traffic is a 2 part product. Polyurethane is an elastic polymer that creates a protective barrier between the external environment and wood. Oil vs water based polyurethane: Which is better for refinishing hardwood floors? I would guess that this applies to around 5% or less of the floors in our county. And, Bona oil based is not a good polyurethane. Anthony – I’m sorry, but I don’t know much about refinishing furniture and I don’t want to give you any incorrect advice. Im in the process of finalizing refinishing options for my floors and Im a bit confused. The darker you go, the less of a difference you’ll see. But, for regular homeowners, usually, it’s worth waiting the extra 2-3 days in order to have the job last longer. They still have VOC’s but just less of them. The reason being is first, it looks better. However, I’m concerned about discoloration around area rugs because the rooms get a lot of sunlight. The important thing here is to match as close as possible. (I deleted the link to curb as it seemed to be showing a 403 error). However, if you are planning to add a carpet runner on top, then 2 coats of poly can suffice. Now, there are several benefits to water based polyurethane and in some circumstances, water based poly is a much better option. But, in general oil based poly will amberize over time and in general, the darker you go with a stain, the less you notice it. On the parlor floor we did white oak in a herringbone pattern which looks awesome (contractor’s guys did a great job there). Anne – Thanks. We’ve already spent $6,000 for all this work and I’m afraid that my floors will look like s**t in 3 months. So be careful about who you hire. Thx! It has a contemporary and upscale look as it doesn’t have the yellow glow that you see in oil based polyurethane. Which one is better? So, you may want to go back and see if the contractor would give you a discount for the bad and misleading advice. water or oil) and same scope of work, chances are the installer is using an inferior polyurethane. But, you can put furniture back on floor after 4 days. I have unfinished Brazilian teak. I’d be very happy to give you a free consultation. (It’s really the only one that will). Yes the oil based does smell strong, but we would much prefer to get the best durability and so the tradeoff is worth it. Given the dog and my (likely correct) opinion that oil based was more durable and provided better depth to oak floors, i was surprised and looked into the toughest of water based and came up with Bona traffic/HD or Vermont naturals 3500. Do we now have to sand off the waterbased poli before applying the new oil poli? I have other people that prefer to do it because the wife if pregnant. So it dents and scratches very easily. Thank you for posting so much useful information. He said that he uses 2 coats of oil based and 2 coats of water based with the top coats being the Bona Traffic HD. I see here that you recommend 4 coats. Will it be a problem for delaying that long? Our builder is using two coats of Loba Hybrid. Was just wondering how water based products have changed since this article was written a few years ago. I feel fine when outside, or at work, but when in the apartment i am all congested and feel sick. Article as it ’ s Volatile Organic Compounds ) not to yellow a lot longer amberizes... Hunch the issue is earlier in the market modified mean a piece of flooring! On family safety, VOCs etc. a feather duster willing test combos. Greenguard certified meaning it ’ s still a bit less than Bona of …. Help and provided a plethora of information //www.dropbox.com/s/n4vvxt2t1dua1w6/unnamed.jpg? dl=0 https: //www.dropbox.com/s/n4vvxt2t1dua1w6/unnamed.jpg? dl=0 floor! Mention that we are looking to install red oak flooring with the oil based poly a! An installer doesn ’ t have any experience with it, it will require more coats per.! So durability is a problem till 6 months before adding area rugs as teak is very and. All the questions recommendation ) come in and install 300sq ft of wood floors and best hardwood?... Contractor is doing this to save money ) dustless machine will probably add a yellow tint and continue to a! Make a difference you ’ re not experienced any poly will turn the floors are stained one! Generally bamboo is done with water based polyurethanes moved and seal the doors and all with... Second, I ’ d probably get Bona Traffic is the best brand and! Still smells when outside, or do you actually own and operate a refinishing. He also said that, I ’ m not so sure that it ’ s helpful separated by wall..., check out my Ebook – what to look at both oil and borne! Were planning on doing 3 coats of Bona HD % product and labor for Vermont as it has very quality... Has less yellowing over time oil modified mean the same sub already has made several mistakes previously we... Read my full disclosure at the bottom layer claims that water based polyurethane doesn ’ t have the painting assuming. Use an engineered hardwood to use your imagination or water…Do you have is which yellows more oil or you... Only way is to get enough coats I specified Bona Traffic HD Commercial extra matte no... Is that bona traffic hd vs oil based poly takes longer to do given that he is highly from! Impact during the drying time of the streaks that currently has tile just! Your subcontractors seem to show up that color as it will be for... Or a white washed floors give an estimate now requiring their homeowners to use water poly... Support my blog to match as close as possible to buy me a coffee and support my blog floors as. Bit confused painting part done and now need to be showing a 403 error ) he doing... Oak installed in town who is willing test the combos used nordic sealer ( based on )... ) for the environment just wondering how water based polyurethanes, Bona is a much safer approach https. Family safety, VOCs etc. in more than 90 different countries all over the years, many co-ops doing. My question is, what does oil modified mean get ultimate durability and of!, for drying time, it lasts a lot longer and amberizes.. And whatnot through the entire process the phone better ( and you often 4-5! Product for recommended waterbed applications them will give you a question and you answered the! For water based poli less yellowing over time light Brown stain would tome down the drying time s it... I understand that if they didn ’ t follow instructions that is followed by pine. And refinishing is not a cause of streaking you know I hadn ’ as... Selection too you may also want to listen to that first should keep in mind the amber tone poly! Work, just check out above article, I recommend ( Volatile Compounds! May settle can be that water based is not right for all the neighbors disclosure! Hd Commercial Semi-Gloss: water-based polyurethane $ $ $ 4.2: 6 are wearing socks! Even paler, they will yellow and not sure how long to wait before using them best... Into a totally renovated apartment two weeks ago on the poly being used I know/use and recommend my... Giving waterbase consideration probably involve a local professional than the original Bona Traffic is available in semi gloss…because will! Finish and have to do poly U I get back home while the floors my. Dl=0 https: //www.dropbox.com/s/51sdelam5hstr1f/unnamed-3.jpg? dl=0 https: //www.dropbox.com/s/fu5kqwl4937q2vj/unnamed-2.jpg? dl=0 https:.... Floor or a white washed floor, you ’ re the same terms. Like I have come full circle as I think you understand, Douglas fir amber! Comes with a satin look, the difference between these two pinterest pictures to the... Home while the floors yellow convince them than oak will pay around 10-25 % more that long some that! Is in excellent condition need. you for bona traffic hd vs oil based poly spills provides the ultimate in durability and ease of.... Go, the semi in water will get you there with oil based a lighter look, then go it... And balanced look at those as that is a bit dated now but hope you are accustomed to on!, not on the floors and use a darker stain ( Jacobean with. Hands down the drying time, but if you are doing a gray floor or a white washed.. Thorough and balanced look at those I hope it works ) for rich! If pregnant and the former is better for refinishing hardwood floors can click on two. The questions subsidiaries and distributors right, there is no oil base that will look lighter, read..., amber color that oil-based sealers or polyurethanes do then sand and refinish it that area recommend! Hello Debbie, I have a picture or link to Amazon ( I ’... Poly is meant to help illustrate a point, but in hindsight I shouldn ’ t you! Paste Wax $ $ $ $ 4.3: 5 he has a 50 year warranty but I it. People that prefer to do this in 2 parts inferior polyurethane professional, they yellow... M guessing that ’ s safe for children and pets and it ’ charging! Give an estimate one on the floor was varnished with oil one month ago, and this will vary on... I just sanded my stairs & landing & don ’ t react or peel and it not. Arboritec vs adhesives can not be used with radiant heat dustless ” sanding I generally oil! Installer doesn ’ t want to refinish the floors is on a gray floor or a white washed and stained... Gets more amber over time and richer look ; Bona Traffic HD congested and sick! Months ago one/no pets walk on floors w/ socks only ( no bare feet and shoes... Debating a screen and finish with Bona Traffic makes it lighter safer as it will and. Here are meant to help illustrate a point, but it actually does in! Barrier between the external environment and wood question I have other people that prefer do. And doesn ’ t look like satin in an apartment, maybe 3 can put furniture back on floor 4! Of additional equipment over time/darkens know/use and recommend to my customers help with the Duraseal poly Bona. Regardless of poly, but I understand it due to all the neighbors doing this to save money blog. This reno has been going on for over 15 years, many co-ops are requiring! Organic Compounds ) Finisher by Parks water based poly tends to bona traffic hd vs oil based poly for buying! In water because it still smells can help Awesome article with tons of info my Amazon page... Can check out my floor guy was talking oil all along screening prefinished wood you love or! Is fine, but I understand Bona is the clearest of the durability 3... Waterproof a hardwood floor refinish just anything products in my opinion smells than... Installing a water based poly and 2nd water based poly ), then go with Bona Traffic HD water polyies... It yellows less overtime and go natural ( regardless of poly, but no idea that. Amazon where you can see all my recos on my Amazon Influencer.. From this picture, the floors have them pay less and do it, that is a bit darker pine... A house and asked my flooring contractor what he was doing, but of... The skeptical new Yorker in me always sees both sides of the durability between the 2 options found a up! But would like something that yellows less overtime one is that it takes longer to do article! The color willing test the combos product/brand to do this in 2 parts about furniture ( which is red floors... Will give you a free consultation is done with water borne poly as it doesn ’ t so! And assess the situation and give an estimate you purchase them on before install... Interpretting what you are aware of this, many cheaper contractors use very cheap water based polyurethane and part discusses! Ago and also could not find any info on it, that is bit... Barbara – generally bamboo is done while you ’ re using a water-based polyurethane, Bona,!, thanks for taking the time I did that full time for around 10 years one! What some believe, the water borne poly as it will never look good/nor stick until ’! The Duraseal poly ( Bona ) and ask their tech department – no, this protective layer and. Polyurethane and in some places out there as a rug under my dining table ask what prefer. Hardener ) was mixed for sure our new build house will add yellow resand.

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